Audio guestbook

Audio guestbook for weddings and events

If for your wedding or event you would like to have something more personal than the usual paper guest book, we have a great proposal!: a telephone with answering machine.

It is a beautiful telephone that collects the voice messages of your guests recorded with high quality so that you can listen to them whenever you want. Sounds great right? It really is very special.


Our audiobook rental service for weddings and events consists of:

- a vintage telephone with listening and recording device,

- the recording of messages in .mp3 files and

- the sending of audios by email so that they can be enjoyed as an audiobook.

Laughter and emotion to be relived at any time thanks to our wedding audio book! you will love it!

Hurry up and take advantage of the promo price: EUR 160 before the end of July 2024 when you hire one of our photo booths.

Teléfono audiolibro de firmas para invitados en una mesa con un cartel y unas flores Audio guestbook phone with flowers vase
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