Photo booths rentals in Malaga

Photo booth machine made of wood placed in a garden


Hmm, do you want to know what a photo booth is? Well, a photo booth is a machine that allows you to take and print photos in the moment. Formerly they were booths that provided us with paper copies of basic images. Today, we have small and beautiful models that give us high-quality images and multiple finishing options.

At Oh! Fotomaton Malaga, our wedding and event photo booths are special: wooden pieces with a very attractive aesthetic and with many possibilities to personalize your prints, in short, they are the best way to have fun at your event.

Young people posing in a photo booth with funny costumes
Two boys and two girls posing with funny props in a colorful polka dots backdrop

How does it work?

It's very easy, once you confirm by email that you want our service, we formalize the contract and our team takes care of the rest.

On your special day, a person from our team prepares the photobooth and when you're ready to strike your best pose, you stand in front of the camera, press the button, and flash! the photo is taken. The image appears on the screen and two copies come out instantly, one for the guests and one for the album.

When the contracted hours are up, the service ends and we deliver the album to the couple. A few days later, the photos and gifs are available to be downloaded and shared in your private gallery. Just you wait and see, the memories are incredible, we are sure you'll love them!

Beautiful couple wearing heart-shaped sunglasses posing hugging
Group of interracial friends, three girls and two boys, having fun with colourful props
Five stylish girls posing and smiling with funny props

What does the photobooth rental include?

Service duration

You can choose between 2, 3 or 4 hours of the photobooth rental, non-stop fun!.

Scrap book album/guests’ book

There are different models so you can choose the one you like best.

Custom template

Select the template that you like the most and we add your names and date.

Two prints per photo

Two prints come out by default, but you can order more 15 minutes before the gig ends.


A person from our team will help you with whatever you need.

Unlimited photos

You can take as many the photos as you want.

Photos and Gifs in digital format

We create a private online gallery so you can download and share all your files.

Choice of backdrop

There are several great background options for you to choose from, below you can see some examples.

Travel expenses

Free delivery of the photobooth for events celebrated in Malaga city or within 50Km distance from Rincon de la Victoria. For longer distances, please ask for a quote.

Stationery kit

Markers, pens and glue so that your guests  can leave you some beautiful messages.

Cool props

Hats, glasses, wigs, bow ties and other accessories so that you look your best!.

Assembly and collection

A person from our team will be in charge of setting everything up and picking it up the same day, you just have to have fun!.

Photobooth and Audio guestbook promotion


40% Disccount when ordering a double backdrop, You will be able to enjoy two different beautiful looks, so, double fun for you!

Audio guestbook - only € 160

Book your Oh! Audio Guest Book during June 2024 and you'll save €90 of your rental!


Bourdeaux velvet photo booth backdrop

Bordeaux curtain - Theatrical and funny

Fabric photo booth backdrop with plant pattern print

Leaves - Fresh and natural

Fabric photo booth backdrop with white and pink flowers pattern print

White flowers - Stylish and trendy

Photo booth black curtain backdrop

Black curtain - Versatile and elegant

Half white half pink circle

Double backdrop

White & pink - Versatile and chic

Half pink half light champagne color circle

Double backdrop 

Champagne glitter & pink Sweet and chic

Half grey textures half colorful polka dots circle

Double backdrop

Grey texture & color drops - Cheerful and elegant

Half white flowers half mustard flowers circle

Double backdrop

Mustard Flowers - Candid and fresh

Half polka dots half dark champagne color circle

Double backdrop

Dark champagne glitter and black dots - Elegant and chic

Half grey texture half pastel colours polka dots circle

Double backdrop

Light grey texture & light color drops - Elegant and perfect for kids

pale pink sequins fabrick

Special backdrop

Champagne rose squins - Elegant and very chic

Engaged couple posing in front of a white background

Special backdrop

White for Glam photobooths - So elegant and minimalist 

All our double photo booth backdrops are a fantastic idea to have two looks in the same event. The backdrop structure works like a wall with two sides. Each side looks different so we can turn it at the middle of the service and that will bring you two looks and even more fun. Awesome, don´t you think?.

Moreover, if you book it during July 2024, you will be able to take advantage of a great promotion: price is only €60 during this month..  Double backdrops, double fun! Hurry up and ask for yours!

Six photo albums with different covers: plant pattern print, beige flowers, turquoise flowers, grey, black and romantic pattern in pink and blue colors

Our scrap book albums

Our albums have a black or cream-colored cardboard interior and there are two options on the exterior cover: 

a) the names of the protagonists or a photograph taken during the event can be placed inside a window or 

b) a small paper cover can be added with the names of the protagonists on it.  

There are  6 different options and all of them look great! 

Our templates

We love helping make every event special.

For this reason, with us, you can customize the design that will be printed with your pictures. You can add drawings, names, dates, your own logo, etc.

Thus, whatever your event, (be it a wedding, a communion, a baptism, a company event, a birthday party or any other type of family celebration), our templates can be adapted to your taste and celebration.

You will see how the photos you take in your Oh! Fotomaton photobooth will become a truly unique and lovely keepsake for all your guests.

Two hands holding a photograph with three images of a beautiful couple posing
Tuquoise audio guest book phone with liqueur glass and a flowers' vase

Oh! Audio guestbook

This answering machine vintage telephone is a different approach to wedding guest books. 

Let your guests say everything they’ve ever wanted to tell you in their own words, in their own voice. Their messages will be emotional and/or funny and you will love them.

We will delivery your Audio Guestbook files within 24 business hours of receiving your phone back. You will be able to download all the audios easily from a link and save them in your computer or mobile phone.

They will be some of your favourite memories of your wedding or event for sure!

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